Yoga philosophy guides us to live a more productive, aligned, purposeful, and intentional life. Understanding and practicing the lessons opens someone to a realization of one’s true self and consciousness, destroying all obstacles standing in their way, as well as the impurities of the mind and body. It also results in directing focus towards our health, and aids in the acknowledgement and development of our spiritual inclinations.

Inner Peace University studies Ashtanga Yoga History. The Sanskrit term Ashtanga means 8 limbs. Each of these limbs is covered over the sessions of this class. We also explore important Yogic Texts and their impact on us in our current times.

Required reading: The Mahabharata by R. N. Narayan

Topics covered:
> Ancient Texts: Yoga Sutras, Vedas, and other Important Writings
> Asana: The History of Physical Poses of Yoga
> Bhagavad Gita: The Significance of the Ancient Text in Modern Times
> Dharana: Finding Focus and Increasing Concentration
> Dhyana: Adopting a Meditation Practice
> Niyamas: Practicing Positive Self Observances
> Pranayama: How to Use Breath Control for Various Outcomes
> Pratyahara: Allowing Yourself to Withdrawal Without Disconnecting
> Samadhi: Finding Bliss in a Busy Life
> Yamas: Practicing Positive Restraints in the World Around Us