Throughout our childhood, we develop a framework by which we experience the world around us and receive feedback about our behaviors from external individuals and systems. By early adulthood, we’ve developed a story—a narrative script we tell ourselves and others about what happened in our past, how the world works, and who we are. Our brain uses this story like a blueprint to make sense of the world—to predict, evaluate, react to, and control our lives. Often the blueprint is outdated and needs to be changed. This course will give you the tools to re-write your outdated scripts, look at life differently, and to overcome limiting beliefs in a safe environment.

Discover how you can change your perception of past events that have made you “you.” Bring your favorite journal as each session in addition to discussion, we will spend time writing out answers to personal questions.

Session topics include:
> Changing Beliefs
> Embracing Empowering Perspectives
> How to Stop Listening to Other Voices
> Identifying What You Really Want
> Letting Go of Attachment to Your Story
> Reframing Your Story
> Re-Writing Your Life Movie Script
> Seeing Blind Spots
> Uncovering the Lies of Self-Talk
> Visualizing Your Ideal Story