Don’t just raise your vibration! Keep it lifted up by implementing methods to attract positive people, feelings, and experiences into your life. The universe needs a sign from you to match you back – let’s keep the signs lifted! This course explains and explores the 7 chakra system (energetic system of the body) and covers how balancing each chakra will help keep your vibration high. A plant-based diet is encouraged to raise your vibration; this course covers nutritional and health benefits of incorporating a plant-based diet and will share recipes to take home and try. Be prepared to move (a little) in each lesson as we get in touch with our energetic bodies.

Course Content:

Noticing  – meditation, feelings, instinct

Chakra System (Body’s Energy System)Learn about how energy flows through the body and how chakra imbalances manifest in our daily lives. We will cover exercises to elevate each chakra and how to keep your vibration high. Root (1), Sacral (2), Solar Plexus (3), Heart (4), Throat (5), Third Eye (6), Crown (7)

Connections – connections to self, relationships with others, connection to and communication with source, communication with the universe

Taking Care – conscious living, exercise, health practices, incorporating more plant food into your diet

Allowing  – how to let go without feeling lost, the wisdom within, releasing expectations