Life rushes by. Ever faster by the year. How can you stop to smell the roses? How can you live in the now?!

This class, Living In the Now, will dive into techniques you can implement on a daily basis to be more present, more mindful, so you can be living in your highest self throughout the day. Living in the present moment allows us to release the depression of the past and the anxiety about the future. Learn ways to stay fully present so you don’t miss out on all the good happening in your life right now!

Techniques that will be explored include:
> Assigning an Outward Trigger
> Breathing Exercises
> Eckhart Tolle Inspiration
> Emotional Checklist
> How to Start Using Mantras and Affirmations
> Journaling to Release the Depression of the Past and Anxiety About the Future
> List Making for Clarity and Focus
> Making Meditation Work For You
> Mindfulness in Action
> The Power of Gratitude