If you are feeling unfocused and stressed, this course can help! During the course you will have an opportunity to reflect on your physical and mental environment and be guided through ways and methods to break free from the chains of clutter. You will get more out of this course if you truly dedicate time over the next several weeks to make a positive transformation in your life. You will receive checklists and worksheets to help keep you focused and achieve a state of organized calm in your life.

Just like your physical environment can be cluttered, so can your mind. Mind clutter often manifests itself as circular thoughts, inability to sleep, and even a failure to focus on the job at hand due to the problems elsewhere. To have a decluttered mind means to be able to focus on living the best life you want to live without being distracted by the minutiae of life.

Module Titles
How Clutter Affects Our Lives
How to Stop Accumulating
Decluttering Your Home
Decluttering Your Mind