The following classes are free to everyone. Attendance is still limited, however, so please register via the Punchpass scheduler.

Meditation [FREE]

There are so many incredible physical and mental health benefits of meditation. If you are new to meditation and want to get some pointers, or if you are a seasoned “professional” and want to bask in the glow of other like-minded creatures, come to this always free session!

We will experience various methods of meditation: guided, silent, visualization, breath focus, zen, mindfulness, and more! Duration varies depending on method; total session time is about 20 minutes.

There is always time for questions and conversation at the end.

Book Club [FREE]

This is not your normal book club. In this club, each class is devoted to ONE CHAPTER of a book. We’ll read and talk about BrenĂ© Brown, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Judith Lasater, Sharon Salzberg, Daniel Coleman, Dale Carnegie, and more!

2020 Schedule
February 27 – Eckhart Tolle
The Power of Now / Chapter 9 – “Beyond Happiness and Unhappiness There is Peace”

March 19 – Sharon Salzberg
Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection / Chapter 16 – “Healing, Not Victory”

Community Circle [FREE]

Sometimes we just need some like-minded souls to talk to! Join us in this Chippewa Valley community circle. Each week we will start with a specific topic and see how the conversation develops depending on who attends.

2020 Schedule
January 16 – 20/20 in 2020
February 13 – Love; the Great Power
March 5 – Mind over Matter
April 2 – Trust Yourself