Inner Peace University
505 S. Dewey St., Suite 108
Heather Felty, Founder and CEO

Inner Peace University was created as a space for people to get in touch with themselves. It is easy to feel lost when we constantly put others first, and forget to tend to our own needs. Self care, self awareness, and self exploration are all vital to keeping our personal light shining — so we can live as our best self, which then allows us to better support others in our lives.

Inner Peace University offers personal discovery courses, yoga classes, workshops, classes, as well as free programs, for people who are ready to do the work to step into their highest self. All programs are intentionally offered for small groups so there is time for each student to be heard and experience connection.

Courses are taught by Heather Felty, who founded Inner Peace University in 2019. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for 25 years and in 2019 became a 230-hour registered yoga instructor. She is Reiki II attuned, a channel writer, personal development coach, course creator and instructor, and author.

Additional instructors are also invited to lead various workshops and classes.

Inner Peace University welcomes people from all backgrounds who are ready for personal exploration themselves, to step into their highest self, and who want to be a part of raising the collective vibe of our community, nation, and world by living as their authentic, best self.

We hope you find a program at IPU that assists you to (re)discover yourself and stay there for life!


Inner Peace University – 505 S. Dewey Street, Suite 108, Eau Claire, WI 54701 – 715-503-0102