5 Key Benefits of Increasing Your Personal Power

Increasing your sense of personal power helps you in many ways. You can carry out more of your personal development goals, lead a happier life, and become clearer about who you are and what you want when you choose to work on regaining your personal power. Here are just five of the many benefits you will experience when you commit to this personal growth goal.

#1. A Clearer Sense of Direction
When you embrace your personal power, you are able to finally see where it is you want to go with your life. Personal power allows you to feel confident in your abilities to achieve your goals, which means you can think clearly about what you want to do and who you want to be. Personal power allows you to set goals for yourself that are attainable and aligned with your values and dreams.

#2. Improved Self-Awareness
If you want to improve your life and embrace your personal power, you have to become more aware of yourself. You must accept responsibility for your actions and feelings, you must confront the regrets and mistakes of your past, and you have to learn the triggers that often cause you to give away your power to others.

Becoming more self-aware is vital for regaining and increasing your personal power. Exploring your values, purpose, and beliefs give you the first steps toward realizing the life of your dreams. Becoming more self-aware allows you to take advantage of the many learning experiences and opportunities that life presents, giving you more information to help you reach your goals, as well.

#3. Become More Resilient
We all experience tough times in life, but when you embrace and honor your personal power, overcoming those obstacles is much easier. Your personal power is what will help you have the courage to take the next step, which is all the motivation you need to move forward after a stumble. When you have personal power, you have the confidence, resilience, and interpersonal skills to deal with whatever comes your way.

#4. More Control Over Your Life
Others can only take away your personal power if you allow them. While it is okay to occasionally be a generous and selfless person, handing over the controls of your life to someone else is never respected. When you give others your power, you place your happiness and hopefulness in their hands. Increasing your personal power puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life, leaving you in control of how you feel and what you do.

#5. Better Relationships
When you embrace and increase your personal power, you will enjoy stronger relationships with others. Personal power gives you the confidence to accept you have much to learn from other people, which makes you more open and accepting of others.

Having personal power also means you know you can solve your problems, and you rely on friends for support or advice, not to fix the problems in your life.

Your friends will see that you honor and respect yourself, which will allow them to have great admiration and love for you, too. Your friendships and relationships will be built on mutual needs and respect and no longer lopsided to reflect your need for approval.

Final Thoughts

Learning to improve and embrace your personal power is the key to enjoying a fulfilling, meaningful life. It is only you who can give away your power, so protect it like the important part of you that it is. Positive changes in your life will begin when you learn to cultivate your personal power.


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  • Does conflict make you feel uncomfortable and you will do anything to avoid it?
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