Are you ready to learn about yourself? To step into your best self?

Inner Peace University teaches life’s truths that are already within you, just waiting to be accessed.

Located on Dewey Street in downtown Eau Claire, WI, Inner Peace University supports people in the Chippewa Valley to step into their highest selves. The content is created based upon years of study and deep personal, inner work.

Life is hectic. And putting yourself first is seen as selfish in our society. Let’s let that notion go! Taking time for your personal development is the only way you can be your best self! “You can’t serve from an empty cup.”

Memberships are available that provide unlimited yoga classes throughout the month, plus discounts for all courses, workshops, and programs. Members also receive access to the exclusive website portal with continually updated personal development materials.

Sign up for limited spots at:

Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Yoga means to arrange something in a special way. Offered throughout the week, at various times of day, each 60-minute yoga class weaves yoga poses with mindful breathing to leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to take on whatever the world presents!


Inner Peace University courses meet in person once a week for eight weeks and are offered on a rotating basis. All materials are provided.  Check schedule for dates and times. Members cost for each course is $120, non-members cost is $150.

Free Sessions

Meditation is “a must” for everyone. So every meditation session at IPU is free. Also free? The book club and the community circle meetings. Join like-minded others in the Chippewa Valley to explore self on an intellectual level!


The most popular workshop is when we use the principles of manifestation to make vision boards. Materials are provided in all workshops. Check the schedule for the next workshop program!